Our Story

It was invented by the Aztecs from a heritage seed, it's fed the Tarahumara for centuries, and now it's coming to your doorstep. 


Our Heritage corn

Learn more about the incredible biodiversity of Mexico's corn culture, why it's being threatened and how Peak Pinole helps preserve the richness of corn varieties. 


Where it all began...

There is an active volcano in Mexico called Popocatépetl. Pinole was made on this land for centuries. Learn more about the history of pinole.


Alexandra Littaye

Peak Pinole bars are born from our founder's research. After four years studying indigenous communities that grow blue corn, she wanted to bring pinole to the world!


Reinventing fair trade

Unhappy with the premium model of fair trade, and wary of replicating the tragedy of quinoa farmers, we link each bar you buy to buying the machines for production for our raw farmers! 

Alexa explains her journey in developing the Peak Pinole bars (formerly Jubáami bars), in her October 2017 Kickstarter video: